National Systems Integrator, Inc. is an S-Corporation.  We feel very fortunate to be able to service customers with trained, enthusiastic, and professional employees!  

Our National Education Center located in Omaha has helped take our workforce to the next level.  By educating and certifying our teams in a 6 day classroom environment, our teams are knowledgeable and skilled the first day they step onto a job site.  The training does not stop there.  We then take our teams through the final 3 steps of our proof of proficiency program.  After completing all 5 steps, the employees training jacket matrix is signed off on.  This ensures our employees are the best they can be.

NSI is a corporate member of the BICSI organization.  BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) sets the diamond standard in our industry for proper installations done to exacting standards so as to be compliant in any and all jurisdictions.  Our teams are constantly taught and tested using the BICSI format. 

NSI is also heavily focused on the health and safety of our teams and our customers and anyone who our activities may affect.  We have approved health and safety programs and policies that are strictly adhered to.  Every one of our employees goes through our internal HIPAA training/testing program.  Patient Health Information is a very important and private matter...NSI employees help ensure that PHI stays private and confidential.   Since our industry is closely related to the construction industry, our employees also go through the OSHA health and safety courses and are, at a minimum, 10 hour certified. 

Quality is what sets NSI apart from everyone else.  To maintain that quality our company has an ISO equivalent QMS (quality management system) system in place.  This system is actively updated on a regular basis to ensure we capture anything that needs to be implemented.  NSI also does a complete Background check on all employees at the time of employment and thoroughly investigates anything flagged during that process to ensure that our customers are safe and secure while our employees work on their projects.  Random drug testing is done via a third party vendor to ensure no advance warning to our teams, thus providing a drug free workplace!  Yearly flu shots and yearly TB tests are done on all employees to keep them and our customers healthy and safe. 

Since we operate remotely, we have to be able to know exactly where our employees are at all times.  This is accomplished by using a state-of-the-art GPS/Diagnostic system in our vehicles known as WEXSMART!  With this system we are able to see things like vehicle speed, location, engine diagnostics, temperature, seat belt usage, posted speed limits and much much more!  This allows NSI to be as connected as any localized organization...maybe even more connected!

As you can plainly see NSI is committed to being one of the best low voltage cabling installers in the country and we will continue to update our policies and procudures to continue to stay at the top! 

We hope that you take the time to speak with one of us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our company.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  We understand you have many choices when deciding on an integrated systems partner and if you give us the chance, we assure you that you will not be disappointed!




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